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While we manufacture high-quality sauna cabins, infrared therapy is our main focus. Infrared heat and light penetrates your skin and will warm your body directly. Infrared is all around us and provides numerous health benefits. It’s so safe and therapeutic, it is used in hospitals to keep babies warm and used therapeutically for people with Lyme Disease, High Blood Pressure, Detoxification, and Arthritis among many other conditions.


All Jacuzzi® brand saunas are rigorously tested and certified for product safety. Your health is our number one concern.

Electrical and Hazardous Materials Safety
The ETL service mark is verified and certified by Intertek, a third-party safety rating company. This mark assures the highest level of safety and compliance for all components and saunas.

Compliance with the CE standard implementation starts during the design and manufacturing process relies on the manufacturers themselves both within and outside the EU.

Our compliance with RoHS, (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) is verified by RoHS standards and certified by Intertek.
We optimize our True Wave™ Far Infrared heaters to produce optimal wavelengths between 6-12 microns (vital wavelengths.) A large percentage of the wavelengths are 9.4 microns, the same wavelength produced by the human body. This allows maximum absorption and resonant frequency to aid detoxification.
Electromagnetic Safety
True Wave™ infrared heaters are the most effective and safest infrared heaters available. We have developed our own patented technologies that cancel out both EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) and ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies). We guarantee that you will not experience any harmful wavelengths when you are in your sauna. EMF levels tested consistently show an average of less than 1mg and our ELF levels test 3-5 times below the threshold of concern set by the World Health Organization (WHO). Many of our competitors’ saunas tested with levels 20 times or more above this same threshold of concern. Our proprietary True Wave™ heaters were the first low EMF carbon-based heaters in the market and revolutionized the entire infrared sauna industry.
Low EMF (Electromagnetic Field)
Our exclusive manufacturing process and patented far infrared heater technologies reduce EMF levels to virtually zero where you are sitting ensuring the highest level of safety. This has been confirmed by third-party testing. When EMF levels are measured in the seating area inside a Jacuzzi® infrared sauna, EMF levels are virtually undetectable. Measurements have been verified by VitaTech Electromagnetics.
Low ELF (Extremely Low Frequency)
Extremely low frequency (ELF) is easily detected standing near any utility power line. You can also be exposed when operating electrical appliances. When testing our low ELF technology, our saunas measured at 200 mV – five times below the threshold of concern, as opposed to many competitor models, where ELF levels were found to exceed 20,000 mV – 20 times above the threshold of concern. When we test our saunas without an actual person inside, our ELF metrics are equally impressive. The Threshold of Concern is 10 Volts/Meter (V/m). Jacuzzi® Infrared Saunas averaged 3.4 V/m, whereas our competitors saunas measured 300+ V/m.
EMF/ELF Shielded Wiring and Extra Shielding
We manufacture our saunas with electrical wiring shielded in grounded metal conduit. This provides the safest and lowest EMF/ELF levels possible. We also discovered that twisting the wires inside the conduit further reduces EMF levels by canceling out the signal. Then we shielded and grounded all electrical components including our special carbonized heater safety mesh to eliminate any residual ELF.


As a trusted health and wellness company, your health is our top priority. That is why our True WaveTM infrared heaters are the safest and most effective on the market today. To prove it, Jacuzzi® infrared saunas are designed to be the only ones that cancel both EMF and ELF and have the best testing record in the industry.

What is EMF?

Electromagnetic Fields; EMF and ELF have been called “dirty electricity” and are the unintentional wavelengths produced by things like, computers, appliances, cell phones, and electrical wiring. EMF/ELF has increased steadily over the past 50-100 years as our daily use of electronic and labor-saving devices has skyrocketed. This has become a real public health concern.
Some of the health risks linked to Electromagnetic Fields:

Thresholds of Concern

The EPA, NIH, World Health Organization (WHO), and private research organizations have been studying EMF/ELF and its’ effects on humans for many years. WHO recommends to not expose yourself to any EMF greater than 3 milligauss (mG) for more than a few seconds. Our saunas guarantee that where you sit in the sauna, the reading will be near Zero mG.

WHO also recommends exposure of ELF to be no greater than 1,000 millivolts. Jacuzzi® Infrared Saunas average 200 mV, which is well below the threshold of concern. Many of our competitors’ saunas tested 20,000+ mV, an alarming difference.

Patented Technology Keeps Our Saunas Safe

We manufacture our saunas with advanced heater systems to keep you and your family safe. We go to extra lengths such as shielding our heater wiring in metal conduit and twisting the wires inside the conduit to reduce the EMF levels even further. Lastly, we shield all electrical components to help block the EMF/ELF and ground the heater to further eliminate any stray electrical wavelengths at their source.


True Wave™ Far Infrared heaters combine Carbon and Ceramic to produce healing infrared heat that is unmatched.

  1. Our heaters are comprised of micro-thin carbon fibers (1/1000th the thickness of a human hair) combined with our patented ceramic compound.
  2. We start with patented micro-fine highly emissive carbon fibers.
  3. The carbon fibers produce long-wave infrared heat which penetrates deep into the soft tissue of the body.
  4. The micro-fine ceramic particles increase the emissivity of the infrared wavelength to boost output so you receive more high-quality infrared during your session.

Ultra-fine Carbon Fibers (1/1000th of a hair)
Patented Micro-Fine Compound Ceramic


Carbon heaters produce high quality long infrared wavelengths. Ceramic has a very high emissivity rating. We have combined both in one heater to give you the most penetrating heat with unmatched emissivity.

Heater Emissivity Evaluation

  • Emissivity measures a heaters ability to emit infrared energy. Values range from 0 (shiny mirror) to 1.0 (theoretical black body.)
  • Raytek, one of the leading infrared instrument manufactures has the following emissivity tables on their website. When reading the table, please note the values in 6-12 micron ranges – the “vital” range for healing the human body (the symbol ‘m’ stands for “micron”).
  • Ceramic has an emissivity of >.95 – closest to a perfect black body at 1.0. That is why the ceramic compound that we add is so important.
Note the following:
  • Many competitors infrared heaters have been designed for industrial use, such as curing paint on cars.
  • True Wave™ Infrared heaters are strictly designed and manufactured by us to heat the human body for therapeutic purposes.

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