Dec 9
Increasing Weight Loss
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A weight loss plateau can happen no matter how many green juices we drink or how much junk food we cut out. Weight loss plateaus happen to even the most dedicated dieters and fitness fanatics. Studies have shown that regular Infrared Sauna Sessions help to move an individual out of the plateau, burn additional calories, and lose weight. Weight loss aided by infrared sauna use is attributed to the fact that heavy metals and toxic chemicals accumulate primarily in fat cells, and those toxins can keep the body from eliminating the fat itself. It makes sense that possibly the best…
Dec 9
Infrared Saunas for your Health
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In this day and age, our bodies are constantly bombarded with toxins from pollution, chemicals, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, processed foods and other unsavory sources. These "poisons" can build up and cause health problems. According to this line of thinking, the older we get, the longer these noxious substances have been in our bodies causing damage; hence the perceived need for us to flush toxins periodically and, in theory, restore internal vitality. Dr. Brian Clement is the medical director of the Hippocrates Health Institute, which is one of the world's oldest complementary health centers. Clement suggests that the toxic heavy metals…
Dec 8
Improving your Skin!
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Among the many health benefits that our infrared saunas provide, research has shown that using an infrared sauna can also be beneficial in many common skin conditions. Are you or someone you know suffering from acne? Have you exhausted skin care products and oral medications in pursuit of improving your skin? Research shows that because far infrared waves penetrate so deeply into the skin, the waves open the pores of the skin at their base so toxins are released with the sweat. This removes impurities and stops bacteria from replicating. Far Infrared waves penetrate up to two inches into your skin…
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